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I feel so confident! I can wear anything I want without seeing little bumps and lumps! This was a great experience! I have no regrets and would do it again in a heartbeat!

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Written Testimonials

To the Miracle Man-You did a wonderful job. I have no regrets about having had this done. My rolls of fat were very uncomfortable for me. My shape has already improved dramatically with the body sculpting and it’s only been 2 1/2 weeks.

Linda Olson

First let me thank you for the wonderful results you have achieved on my fatty areas. I look and feel wonderful.

C.L. Milwaukee, WI

Testimonial from Heather


So why choose ZBodySculpt?

  • 1
    Fees & Pricing

    Our fees are competitive and we offer payment plans.


  • 2
    Safe, Gentle & Effective

    We only perform the safest, most gentle and effective liposuction technique

    – Tickle Lipo.


  • 3
    Free Consultations

    We offer free consultations to ensure that you are a candidate for cosmetic surgery.


  • 4
    Physician Experience

    Dr. Zelko is recognized as one of the top Tickle Lipo physicians in the country.


  • 5
    Minimal Discomfort

    The typical Tickle Lipo patient requires minimal to no sedation due to the overall comfort of the procedure.


  • 6
    Minimal Downtime and Quick Recovery/Results

    Our lipo procedure allows patients to return back to work within 1-2 days and see results in a few weeks.


  • 7
    Experts in All Forms of Office Based Lipo

    Dr. Zelko has trained other physicians on VASER, Laser & Tickle Lipo.



Finding Tickle

Dr Zelko did not start his practice with Tickle. It took years of work and tens of thousands of dollars to end up with the system he uses today to get the amazing results you will find on this website. Please take a moment to watch the interview Dr Zelko did where we explore just how many other liposuction machines and new techniques were tried before finally deciding that Tickle Lipo was just flat out the best, safest, and ironically the most affordable solution available in the world!

Watch this quick video below to learn more as Dr Zelko explains how his practice became one of the top Tickle Lipo practices in the entire US

Tickle Lipo


Tickle Lipo means you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to diet or put yourself through a painful and risky plastic surgery procedure in an attempt to shed that unwanted fat. Instead, contact Zelko Aesthetics to learn more about how you can benefit from Tickle Lipo.

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